Snuff Ridge/Herman Ranch Partnership is a blend of the love of the Texas Longhorn Breed among great friends.

Snuff Ridge Ranch, Located in Snuff Ridge, TX (Cleveland, TX) was established in January 2000. Cookie McKee and her granddaughter, Kyrah Schanbachler began raising and showing Longhorn cattle in 2015. The project gave them an opportunity to share their passion for animals and spend lots of time traveling to cattle shows together.

Kyrah was blessed during her show years with a donation calf from Nancy Dunn, Rolling D Ranch, Eclectic, AL which started an amazing mentorship that is still strong today. That calf is Dunn Mighty Mouse, known to us as Bruce. He is still one of our favorite Longhorns. We have added many other Longhorn cattle since then and are enjoying producing our own herd with the knowledge we have gained and the start from Nancy Dunn.

Herman Horned Ranch, located in Montgomery, TX, was established in 2015 when Ben and Shawnda Herman started a small ranch to build something their grandchildren could enjoy. They purchased their first Longhorns from Cookie McKee and Kyrah Schanbachler and caught the Longhorn virus. There are now many beautiful Longhorns at Herman Horned Ranch.

Snuff Ridge Ranch and Herman Horned Ranch have now joined forces to produce and show high quality Texas Longhorn cattle. With a passion for youth and great genetics it is our desire to share our love of the Texas Longhorn breed with young people and to pass on the passion to future generations to come. We have beautiful pasture ornaments and fabulous show cattle. We feel confident that everyone can find one they love at our ranches.

We look forward to meeting you on the show circuit or for a ranch visit. Please join us!

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